Topshop/Ragged Priest



Fringed Kurt Cobain Nirvana top by Ragged Priest.

I pounced on this top so quickly in Topshop Oxford Circus today that I almost broke the rail (true story). I was on my own as well which is quite embarrassing. Anyway...I love this label, definitely one of my favourites. They do the most amazing studded leather jackets as well, I'm talking crazy big pointy studs. I want one so bad. You can visit their ebay page to see some of their collection:


I then got a bit carried away with my love of fringe (blame Jimi Hendrix) and bought one of Topshop's own crops. I love vintage Harley Davidson tops and this reminded me of that style. I bought these two tops with my trip to Tennessee for Bonnaroo festival in mind. It's not actually until June but Topshop's new hippy festival collection (Snake Valley) got me really excited.


My final purchase was this chunky gold skull necklace. I am obsessed with all things skull so it didn't take much deliberation to be honest.

So yeah that was surprisingly all I bought from Topshop today, had to restrain myself big time. I don't usually post clothes i've bought on my blog but I was so chuffed with these that I had to!

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