New Band On The Block: Venice


This five-piece caught my eye after discovering them through their management buddies Deaf Havana and Francesqa. You might recognise them from their previous project Lights and Sounds but they’ve had a shiny musical makeover. Now edging towards a more laid-back pop approach, their dramatically matured sound and talent is indisputable. The fact that they’ve managed to convey this in only a couple of demos and stripped down, acoustic videos is a testament in itself. The results so far are looking promising; angelic vocals, passionate lyrics and big pop gems perfect for summer. Newest teaser ‘Satellites’ particularly fits these three categories but the beautiful acoustic version of 'City Of Lights' is what drew me to them. Progress is being kept under wraps at the moment whilst they make their debut album, but something tells me that it will be worth the wait.

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Check out: ‘Satellites’, ‘City Of Lights’


(photo source: venice's facebook)


  1. Great blog, it's definitely going to be a regular read for me! Thanks for following mine!

  2. Thank you! No worries for following yours, it is right up my street :)


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