White Lies, Ritual Review

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It must have been a challenge for White Lies to top their successful, critically acclaimed debut, but with ‘Ritual’ they may have just about done it. This is not immediately apparent on first listen, but once you perceive how much they have matured instrumentally & lyrically; it all becomes clear. The band are aiming for bigger things and the incredible ambience of ‘Bigger Than Us’ certainly sets them in the right direction with its heavy-riff lead, anthemic chorus. They’ve never had problems constructing a huge sound, but they seem to have excelled. With evidence of new wave and synth influences throughout, they’ve been more experimental this time; particularly apparent in ‘Holy Ghost’, the most sonically well produced track on the record. They’ve even gone as far as sticking a ballad-y type on the end. The lyrics are still sincere and vulnerable, but instead of compelling us into a great depression with their original dark style, they embrace themes of love and religion. ‘Ritual’ may not match the popularity of their debut, but that won’t be because it doesn’t deserve to.

(I wrote this mini review for Electric Magazine, check it out here: electricmagazine).


  1. I'm not really a huge fan but I have pretty much just watched these guys go from a little unknown band to being quite huge here in the UK. Have you checked out my website,, it seems like something you might be interested in.

  2. Yeah same, has been great to watch them grow into something brilliant.

    Thanks for the heads up about your site, I like what I am seeing!


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